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招生 to Advanced Level Courses

Entry to courses is by application from November to January of the preceding year of entry.
Applications must be made via the online application platform, available from this website following our Open Evening.

Applications for September 2023 are now closed in accordance with our published admissions policy.

The minimum academic requirements for entry of applicants into the 六年级 are four GCSE passes at grades 7 and above, plus two GCSE passes at grade 6. Grades 7, 8 or 9, are required in the relevant GCSE subject to be studied at A Level. Each specific subject has its own requirements for grades to be achieved in relevant GCSE subjects (see below).

All students entering the 六年级 will be required to have passed GCSE mathematics and English language with a minimum of a grade 6 (or an equivalent qualification recognised for tertiary education in the UK which will allow them to communicate effectively in spoken and written English and to understand spoken and written English without difficulty).

Exceptions to these requirements can be made by appeal in certain circumstances (e.g. illness, bereavement, equivalent qualifications).

主题Minimum study requirements
艺术 7 in GCSE art, or design technology and an English 
生物学 7 in GCSE biology or 7-7 in trilogy science 
业务 7 in GCSE business, an English or mathematics 
化学 7 in GCSE chemistry or 7-7 in trilogy science 
计算 7 in GCSE computing or mathematics 
戏剧 7 in GCSE drama or an English 
经济学 7 in GCSE mathematics or an English 
English language 7 in GCSE English language, literature, drama or humanity subject 
English literature 7 in GCSE English language, literature, drama or history 
地理位置 7 in GCSE geography, an English or humanity subject 
历史 7 in GCSE history, an English or a humanity subject 
数学 7 in GCSE mathematics 
漏磁场 7 in GCSE 漏磁场 subject 
音乐 7 in GCSE music, or ABRSM Grade 6 and a 7 in either English 
物理 7 in GCSE physics or 7-7 in trilogy science 
心理学 7 in a GCSE science or mathematics 
RS 7 in GCSE RS, an English or humanity subject. 

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